OMG! My Facebook Photos Are Gone!!

No, your Facebook photos aren’t lost. But Facebook’s photo storage hard drive did have some major problems over the weekend. According to the Facebook blog, a routine software upgrade on Friday night resulted in the loss of some 10-15% of its users’ photos. Considering the millions of users (and billions of photos) Facebook has, even a 10% loss is catastrophic. The affected photos are appearing with “question mark” graphics instead of the images themselves.

So far, Facebook has reported that about one-third of the affected photos have been repaired. But that leaves about 66% of Facebook users’ photos still missing. Facebook doesn’t have a complete understanding of what went wrong with the stored photos, as it was a simultaneous hardware failure. But rest assured, Facebook wants you to know that it still has all you photos, thanks to its cautious forethought to store multiple copies of the data. If you were worried about complete photo loss from Facebook, it’s a valid concern.

Not only is data loss a concern for web-based services in general, but after the recent backlash Facebook witnessed as a result of the changes made to its Terms of Services, the issue of who owned the content uploaded to Facebookis a relevant concern.

Facebook is the largest photo-sharing site on the web right now, so restoring the missing images is a priority for th social network. While new photos uploaded to Facebook should still work properly, the full restoration of all the missing images isn’t expected to be complete until early next week.

Have you been a victim of this massive photo disruption, or have any of your Facebook friends found their images missing? And does this raise any eyebrows for you, or do you continue to still trust Facebook wholeheartedly?