Facebook Lawyers Have ‘Smoking-Gun’ Evidence Against Paul Ceglia

He claims to be a co-owner

Remember Paul Ceglia, the man who launched a lawsuit last year against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claiming to co-own the social network? Facebook lawyers are now saying that they have “smoking-gun” evidence proving that a contract Ceglia used to back up his allegations is fake.

Orin Snyder, an attorney for Facebook, said that Ceglia has refused to comply with a judge’s order to hand over electronic documents and that he wrongly classified other documents as confidential.

“He does not want the public to know what was discovered on his computers because it includes smoking-gun documents that conclusively establish that he fabricated the purported contract and that this entire lawsuit is a fraud and a lie,” wrote Snyder in the most recent court filings.

In July 2010, Ceglia produced a copy of a 2003 contract showing that he made two payments to Zuckerberg: the first for work that Zuckerberg had done on a street-mapping database that Ceglia owned, and the second payment to invest in the still unlaunched social network that would give Ceglia a 50 percent ownership stake.

Facebook’s lawyers accused Ceglia of inserting the mentions of Facebook into the original street-mapping agreement. In the filings, they say that “a painstaking forensic analysis” of Ceglia’s computers uncovered embedded electronic data proving that the contract was falsified.

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