Facebook launching link sharing platform, embedding video – Digg clone coming?

It’s not just for photos anymore. Facebook wants to become your platform for sharing anything online with your friends.

When I woke up this morning I found a major new Facebook feature: “Share”.

Share is basically a link sharing tool for Facebook. When you come across a cool web page, YouTube video, MySpace profile, or Flickr photo that you’d like to share, just use the “Share on Facebook” bookmarklet, choose who you’d like to share it with, and the item will appear in your friends’ “Share Inbox”. The bookmarklet automatically extracts an excerpt and thumbnail image.

You also have the option to “post” your share to your Mini Feed on your profile page, meaning it will also appear in your friends’ News Feeds. The bookmarklet automatically recognizes when you share YouTube videos and MP3’s, embedding players right in the page. This is the first time Facebook has ever enabled video — and, notably, the first time they’ve embedded third party widgets on Facebook.com as well. You can also share items that have been shared with you, or any Facebook profile, by clicking the new “Share” button.

Since launching photo sharing features last year, Facebook claims to have become “the largest photo-sharing site in the world“. Now, they may become the largest link sharing site in the world. One could imagine that a “most popular shares” page is coming soon – basically Digg for college students. Notably, Facebook has not enabled pure bookmarking features – you cannot save a link without posting or sharing it.

Share is currently only available to Stanford and Berkeley students until the kinks get worked out. No doubt Mark and the team also want to do a better job of gathering feedback from the community than they did with the infamous Feeds launch. Expect to see a full public launch soon.

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