Facebook Launches “I Like This” Feature on Wall and News Feed

Facebook launched today a new default action link on many types of feed stories called “I Like This.” It’s a really simple way for friends to give feedback about which status updates, photos, and notes they like, right in the feed.

The new feature will make it easier for friends to say “I Like This” with the click of a button when they might otherwise leave a regular comment. It will also give Facebook’s feed distribution systems another explicit user feedback signal to take into account when picking feed stories to show to friends.

For application developers, getting a lot of feed stories “liked” may be another way to get more distribution in the feed. Developers are also able to create their own custom “action links” on feed stories they publish in order to increase engagement.

Social feed aggregator FriendFeed‘s “I Like This” feature has been very popular with FriendFeed users since it was introduced. The feature should become popular on Facebook as well.

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