Facebook Job Postings this Week: Engineering, Ads, Dublin and Palo Alto

Facebook has filled many positions in online operations and ads since our post last week on the company’s most recent hires. This week, it is looking for more ad, legal, online operations and software engineering positions to its Careers Page.

Advertising sales positions in Austin and London, a strategic position in New York and the leads analyst position in Hyderabad, India disappeared from the listings. A human resources position in Austin, corporate communications position in Palo Alto, the director of global facilities and real estate management job, several platform operations listings in India and Oregon’s lead data center technician positions were all absent from Facebook’s current listings this week.

New jobs posted on Facebook’s Careers Page this week include sales positions in Austin and Toronto, a user operations analyst position specializing in Turkish in the company’s Dublin office, as well as a fraud analyst position there requiring languages other than English. Dublin’s Facebook office is also seeking a human resources recruiter for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

The company is seeking a director of strategy and operations and a technical data analyst in DA10Q for its Palo Alto office. Engineering positions are also open in Palo Alto. Here’s a quick look.

  • HipHop for PHP Engineering Manager
  • Manager, Infrastructure Engineering
  • R&D Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer, L0X1J
  • Software Engineers, SWE1008B
  • Software Engineers, SWE1008M

And if you’re looking for jobs in the industry, be sure to check out the Inside Network Job Board to see who’s hiring now.