Facebook Job Listings: More Developer Advocacy, Engineering and Human Resources

Seems like Facebook posted a range of new jobs on its Careers page before the holiday break, the most interesting of which involve developer support/advocacy and a set of new jobs focused on human resources.

We wrote last week about a Developer Advocate position, a position that will be responsible for broadening relationships with Facebook platform developers. This week Facebook posted a few similar positions, a Manager of Developer Advocacy, seemingly forming a full team within the company to do the same. Here’s the listing description:

  • As the Manager of Developer Advocacy, you will build and lead the team responsible for broadening the adoption of the Facebook Platform with software developers
  • This is a highly technical role, leading a highly technical team. You will both write code and speak with the most innovative engineers inside and outside of Facebook every day. You will be responsible for our outreach to third-party developers, particularly with the startup community
  • Your team will represent Facebook at developer conferences, events, and with the technical press/bloggers. Your team will write code samples, articles and tutorials for developers highlighting the power of the Facebook Platform
  • Most importantly, your team will advocate for the needs of the developer community within Facebook itself, working closely with the product and engineering teams to determine features and strategy
  • Our goal is to make Facebook an essential platform for developers with your team leading the way.

On a related note, Facebook is also hiring a Developer Site/Support Engineer, who will help “make developers successful at building applications” on the Facebook platform. This engineer will help maintain and build out the developers.facebook.com web site, work with customers on technical issues, and other similar responsibilities.

Along with existing listings for other communications jobs in the US and around the world, Facebook is seeking a Manager of Communications and Public Policy for Australia and New Zealand, to be based in Facebook’s Sydney office. This person will be the lead for Facebook’s strategic product, policy, privacy, safety and security efforts in this region — a tall order, considering Australia’s stringent privacy laws. The new manager will work with the government and privacy advocacy groups, need experience in political communications and technology, and will be responsible for strategy, messaging and execution and must understand the Australian government.

Facebook also posted several new positions around human resources based in Palo Alto, Calif., another sign that it is working hard to maintain its fast-paced startup-style culture even as its headcount climbs towards 2000 people.

The Performance and Compensation Programs Manager will “build, scale and own the end-to-end delivery” of Facebook’s global performance management and compensation programs, such as salary, merit, promotions, bonus and equity. The People Analytics Manager is set to “own the end-to-end architecture and delivery of our predictive analytics and HR data reporting.”

A Global Benefits Manager will lead the design, implementation and administration of Facebook’s global benefits. The HR Business Partner will be primarily responsible for helping Facebook deliver “organizational development solutions” for its new employees as it works to double the size of its workforce. Finally, the HRIS Analyst will manage that system within the company.

To wrap up, Facebook is also seeking a Technical Program Manager, Business Intelligence Engineer 1010002 and a Storage Engineer. For more Facebook-related jobs, check out the Inside Network Job Board.