A Snapshot of Facebook’s Mobile Clients on the Eve of the Verizon iPhone

With the Verizon iPhone arriving in stores tomorrow, let’s take a quick snapshot of where iOS, WebOS, Android and other mobile platforms stand as measured by monthly active users of Facebook smartphone apps. Like we said last week, this isn’t a perfectly accurate measure for overall market share. But it may be relevant to developers who want to know how many  smartphone owners are willing to download and engage with apps on each platform.

Customers who pre-ordered the Verizon iPhone have started getting their devices in the mail, so we have seen an uptick in new Facebook for iPhone usage. The client added four times as many monthly active users as last week, bringing on 617,680 more users compared to 138,280 last week. DAU also showed a little bit of a spike with 547,926 more users coming on today compared to yesterday. That’s more than six times the number of daily actives the Facebook iPhone client has added on average every day for the past month. With many Verizon users looking to switch from Android devices to the iPhone, we expect to see the Facebook for iPhone app’s growth to pick up over the next few months.

That said, the Verizon iPhone definitely isn’t slowing Android’s growth down so far. Facebook’s client for the Google platform still added the most users out of any OS this week with 882,456 more monthly active users. Blackberry’s weekly gains also accelerated, with 318,043 additional monthly active users, up from a gain of 249,866 last week.

Lastly, we wanted to make note of HP WebOS given that the company unveiled a tablet called the TouchPad and a tiny, credit card-sized phone called the Veer today. It comes after a year of little to no news from the platform following HP’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm. Given that MAUs on Facebook for HP webOS have fallen to 730,843, it’s about time for the hardware maker to step up and turn things around.

Facebook Usage on Feature and Smartphones

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Facebook for Android 26,273,062 +882,456 +3.5%
2. Facebook for iPhone 63,614,147 +617,680 +0.9%
3. Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones 29,594,640 +318,043 +1.1%
4. HTC Sense 6,099,900 +138,531 +2%
5. Samsung Mobile 5,204,442 +91,270 +2%
6. Ovi by Nokia 2,563,620 +89,634 +4%
7. Snaptu 3,665,867 +87,105 +2%
8. DROID 1,965,805 +48,438 +3%
9. LG Phone 1,021,073 +52,389 +5%
10. Facebook for Windows Phone 342,078 +19,192 +6%