Facebook Hiring ‘Diplomats’

Facebook is creating its own network of friendly faces to serve as ambassadors for the social networking site in places which might have different attitudes toward privacy and communications.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that these “international directors of policy” are needed because Facebook is “confronting its emergence as a global organization whose membership is much larger than the population of most countries, and whose technology can antagonize both Middle Eastern dictators and European democracies fretful about privacy.”

The initiative is similar to one started by Google five years ago (and which may be modeled directly on Google as Facebook is “stocked with ex-Googlers”). Google’s global policy team was able to “defuse crises before they started,” the Merc says.

Now, at Facebook, the company is hiring at least eight directors of policy, in the Middle East, Britain, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe and “other countries and regions.” Here’s the link to the Middle East posting; seems like they’re setting the bar high.