Facebook Growth Surges in Italy, Developers Look for Better Italian eCPMs

If Facebook’s recent global growth has been exponential, Italy’s growth in 2008 can be described as explosive. In the past five months alone, Facebook has grown an incredible 763% from 572k users in July to 4.9 million today! With 8.5% of the population on Facebook, Facebook has become the fourth most trafficked site in Italy.

With the release of the Italian language version of Facebook Platform in March 2008 and the rising traffic in users outside of the U.S., developers are wondering how they can ride the wave.  Many developer are asking questions about which ad networks perform best in Italy. One developer, “david,” writes:

Still, $1 eCPM is really weak when english ads earn $3.  Looking at yesterday’s new installs, 520132 were italian whereas 201123 were english.  I gotta find an Italian ad network!

The traffic is here, now where are the ad companies?

Now that 70% of Facebook’s users are outside the US, ad networks need to really step up their international performance.

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