Facebook for RIM PlayBook Tablet Update Adds Video Uploading & More

RIM’s updated Facebook app for their PlayBook tablet is provided as part of the v1.0.5 PlayBook update. RIM claims it is the first tablet-optimized Facebook application. While a number of third-party iOS and Android developers may challenge that statement, it is true that it is the first Facebook tablet app developed by either a hardware vendor or Facebook itself. In fact, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last year that The ipad isn’t mobile (Mashable) when asked why when an iPad Facebook app would be available. By generalization, I suppose the PlayBook and Android tablets are not mobile devices in Facebook’s world.

Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Update Now Available

The big new Facebook for Playbook feature is the ability to upload video files. The other new features or enhancements are:

– Facebook Search enhancements
– Improved access to Pages
– Message deletion
– Photo Upload Album Selection
– News Feed improvements