Facebook Employee Count Rising this Year, Up Past 1300 Already

Facebook already has more than 1000 employees, and it said it plans to increase that by at least 50% this year, according to previous reports. That number has been growing fast, from what we’ve gathered. It is now past 1300, according to sources, although Facebook is only confirming that it is above 1200. We heard it was at 900 towards the end of last year.

Expect the number of employees to keep growing this year. The company is opening up a 200-person office in Austin, Texas, and planning to do considerable local hiring. It is also opening an office with an unknown of employees in Hyderabad, India. And, it is continuing to hire elsewhere in sales offices around the world.

But most of all, it has just moved half the home office staff down the street from its current headquarters in Palo Alto, California, we’ve confirmed — it happened, as scheduled, around March 12. The roomy new space, an old medical devices facility, has 235,000 square feet — more than the current office’s 135,000, although 85,000 of the new space is warehouse space that needs to be remodeled to useful for most needs. The company now has plenty of room to expand its main operations. Like 1601 California, Facebook’s product designers worked on designing the new space too.

Facebook has continued to stress that growth will be measured. “We could easily double in size, and we’re actually making a conscious decision not to do that,” a Facebook spokesperson recently told the San Jose Mercury News. “I think growth can spiral out of control very quickly.” Thing is, Facebook’s revenue is looking healthy, increasing to between $600 and $700 million last year, according to our estimates, and to $1.1 billion for this year.

[Image via the Merc.]