Facebook E-Mail Support

Facebook finally opened possibility to send e-mails outside Facebook together with photo album sharing option. It means that now you can send messages and share your pictures between people which isn’t signed up on Facebook – this is very nice step from Facebook to serve their users needs. Bit not only that – it is also very nice invitation to join to Facebook for people which receive these emails from their Facebook friends – users now are the main marketing power of the network and actually users always was this power – nice work!

Previously Facebook users was able to send messages only to registered users and that was a problem because you don’t have all your friends and contacts there. Now you can easily join to your mailing list all your friends e-mail addresses and send them messages just like using standard e-mail.

Now you can enter a friend’s email address into the To: line when you send a message or share an album, and Facebook will email them the message. Your friends will be able to reply without signing up, and they will be able to see content you share with them. Keep in mind that all rules of privacy still apply; some Facebook content that you share (photos, groups, notes, etc.) won’t be visible to your friend.

More detail on the new option you can read at Facebook blog.

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