Facebook Does the Advertising Equivalent of the Truffle Shuffle

Wow. According to a story in today’s Wall Street Journal, nearly one quarter of all online display ads are on Facebook: 24%. That said, the company rakes in “just” 9.5% of spending for display ads. WSJ says this discrepancy “underscores Facebook’s growing status in the fight for digital ad dollars—and the hurdles it still faces.”

Oh, waaaah, poor Facebook, only getting one-tenth of the advertising revenue for the entire friggin’ Internet.

More from WSJ:

Part of the reason for the gap between Facebook’s scale and the amount of money it makes from ads is that Facebook sells a good portion of its ads on a cost-per-click basis, where advertisers only pay if a consumer clicks on the ad. The more people that click, the more expensive the ad campaign will be.

Although the prices are relatively low, the number of people visiting Facebook is so large that low prices can add up to big dollars fast, advertisers said.

The Wall Street Journal estimates that revenue to be $1.38 billion.

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