Facebook Invites 100 Designers and Architects for Marathon Session to Help Develop New Headquarters

If you want one of the hottest tickets going for the start of next month, that usually means you’ve already missed your chance. However, that’s not the case this time around. As you might have caught wind of earlier this month, social networking giant, Facebook, announced that it would be moving from its current headquarters in Palo Alto, California to the town not made famous by Thomas Edison, Menlo Park. The company is moving into the 57 acre campus that once housed Sun Microsystems before it was purchased early last year, with the first employees heading over in June (they also picked up 22 adjoining acres just to make sure they have enough room to stretch out a bit). The Palo Alto Daily News is now reporting that on March 5th, Facebook has invited “more than 100 architects and other design professionals” to spend a full day wandering their new headquarters and deciding what can be done to improve it. While it’s likely unexpected that they’ll have a fully fleshed out master plan or new architectural renderings all rendered, the marathon sessions, something its coders are familiar with, is an interesting concept to bring to what amounts to urban planning. Here’s from the Daily News about how the session will function:

The design professionals have been divided into four teams that will approach different elements of the area around the future Facebook campus, [AIA spokesperson Noemi Avram] said. One team will look at existing businesses, another will scope out the perimeter of the campus, a third will focus on an area northwest of the campus near two Constitution Drive properties Facebook recently bought for future use, and a fourth will explore housing possibilities.

The paper goes on to explain that residents of Menlo Park will be invited to share their own ideas and the public is welcome to come watch. The whole thing starts at 8:30am, Saturday March 5th, at the decidedly Silicon Valley-esque address, 10 Network Circle.