Facebook Comments Come To Mobile Devices

Facebook Comments, which have become a favorite third-party commenting tool of publishers, now work on mobile devices, Facebook said in a blog post on Wednesday.

The integration is automatic. If a website has the comment box implemented, the mobile version of Facebook comments will automatically display for users on mobile devices.

“The Comments Box for mobile is the latest update to the plugin to make commenting more social and authentic, improve the quality of conversations online, and drive traffic and engagement to media sites,” Facebook wrote in the post.

With mobile traffic an important area of focus for many news organizations, this announcement is very good news. Active commenters can now engage in threads when they’re on the go. And, smartly, no action is required by publishers to install Facebook mobile comments.

These publishers include USA Today’s Science Fair blog, certain Gannett websites, and POLITICO‘s blogs.

Of course, Facebook comments are not without controversy. They require commenters to have a Facebook account, which (believe it or not) not everyone has.

But among publishers, the verdict on Facebook comments seems to be a positive one. Sites continue to roll-out the plugin, and months later, sites that piloted Facebook comments still have them enabled.

Will this new mobile functionality will more sites roll out Facebook comments? Will Facebook need to integrate their comments with iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps to make publishers fully happy? Or will publishers still find Facebook comments too restrictive and use a different solution, like Disqus? Share your thoughts in the (Disqus) comments below.