Facebook Certifies First Batch of 120 Verified Applications

Along with the release of the updated application directory today, Facebook has also made public for the first time the list of applications which it has certified in its Application Verification Program. 120 applications now appear with a “green check” in the application directory and a badge on their about page.

In addition, Facebook shared in more detail the what the exact benefits of Verification actually are:

  1. Badging in the Application Directory: Users will see a green “verified” check mark next to your application name wherever it is listed.
  2. Priority ranking in the Application Directory: When appropriate, Verified Apps will appear before any applications that have not been verified yet.
  3. Badging on your application profile: On this page, users will see the official “Facebook Verified App” graphic in the left column.
  4. Allocation boosts: You will also receive a two-bucket boost in both notification and requests allocations. You can see your application’s allocation buckets on the Allocations tab on the Insights page. These allocations will continue to be subject to our algorithmic reputation system which looks at various metrics and user signals.
  5. Ad credits and discounts: You will receive $100 in credit to advertize with Facebook and discounts to paid Facebook events.

The verification program, which was announced last July and launched in November, is designed to give more prominence to applications which meet Facebook’s standard for user experience and security. Anyone can apply, but there is a $375 fee per year.

Along with the “Great Apps” program, which currently includes just Causes and iLike, the verification program is another part of Facebook’s efforts to improve the trustworthiness and reputation of applications on the Facebook Platform.