Facebook Careers Postings: Policy, Africa, Europe, Ads and More

Facebook added a wide variety of policy-related jobs to its Careers Page this week. The jobs are all over Europe and in India this week, and a job posted in Nigeria seems to point to a company decision to begin focusing on Africa. Other jobs posted were in administration, analysis, sales and other areas.

The Growth Manager Africa – Contract in Nigeria is set to be based in Lagos for 6-11 months to to support the execution of Facebook’s growth initiatives in the region, especially mobile partnerships. The candidate would ideally have tech experience and speak English well.

The seven Director of Policy positions all over Europe will focus on communicating Facebook information to politicians and regulators in area countries. Applicants are to have a “deep” understanding of the “political and regulatory dynamics” of their respective countries, as they are set to deal with issues ranging from privacy, freedom of expression, Internet business models and public service delivery.

These positions will essentially be government liaisons for Facebook in Europe, where privacy laws are much more stringent than in the U.S. Facebook is looking for candidates with at least 10 years of experience working in the governmental relations field, must be fluent in English and must be familiar with working as a media spokesman. Each position is based in one of Facebook’s regional offices.

The Director of Safety-Pan-Euro is set to be based in London and will be similar to the Director of Policy position. The Head of Policy-India is set to be based in New Delhi and will work as the primary contact with Indian government officials, monitoring policy developments for Facebook.

Posts added this week on Facebook’s Careers Page:

  • Growth Manager Africa – Contract (Nigeria)
  • Director of Policy (France)
  • Director of Policy (Germany)
  • Director of Policy (Italy)
  • Director of Policy (Middle East)
  • Director of Policy (Scandinavia)
  • Director of Policy (Spain)
  • Director of Policy (UK & Ireland)
  • Director of Safety (Pan-Euro)
  • Head of Policy – India
  • HR Reporting Analyst
  • Recruiting Data Analyst
  • Intrusion Analyst (contract)
  • Business Analyst, Hyperion
  • Hardware Test Engineer
  • Receptionist/Office Manager – Contractor (London)
  • Business Operations Associate
  • Partner Engineer – Ads (New York)
  • Account Manager, Online Sales Operations (Singapore)
  • Associate, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Associate, Online Sales Operations (Palo Alto)
  • Online Operations Training Specialist (Palo Alto)
  • Director, Business Development
  • Partner Engineer – Ads (New York)

Jobs posted by Facebook on LinkedIn:

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