Facebook Blocked in China, But Chinese Game Developers Coming to Facebook

Although the vast majority of Facebook’s user growth has occurred outside the United States over the last couple of years, one of the most notable countries where it hasn’t grown is China. Access to Facebook within China is largely blocked by the Chinese government, as is the case with many other western websites. But while most Chinese Internet users can’t access Facebook and vice versa, that isn’t stopping social game developers and publishers in China and North America from eyeing – and moving into – each other’s markets.

It’s been well documented that much of what is happening today in the West in terms of the proliferation of virtual goods-based free-to-play business models has actually been around in Asia for a while. Historically, however, these markets have generally been led by local players. In 2010, we’re beginning to see what could become a larger and quite interesting trend: Chinese developers moving into western markets via Facebook, and even some western Facebook game developers beginning to move into China. The trade routes for virtual goods exports are picking up.

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