Facebook Beefing Up Movie Marketing Efforts With Surf Film Premiere

In an effort to demonstrate its social movie marketing potential, Facebook is gearing up for the premiere of new surf movie One Track Mind on Facebook Film next week. The 48-hour showing will go from 5:30pm PT on Thursday, October 16 until the same time on Saturday, October 18. From the flyer:

[Director] Chris Malloy and crew are celebrating the release by inviting fans to participate in a live video broadcast starting 5:30pm Pacific time on Thursday, October 16th. Surfers from the film and Brushfire Records recording artist Matt Costa will join Chris discussing the film.

The movie will be streaming throughout the 48 hours through the Kyte video player built on the Facebook Platform.

Facebook goes on to elaborate on the tools the producers are using to market the film inside Facebook:

The player lets fans chat live while watching the film. Check out how One Track Mind is using Facebook’s free marketing tools—Photos, Video, Events, Notes, Posted Items, FBML, Platform applications, and more—to promote the new film One Track Mind.

We’ll see over the coming months whether Facebook intends to make Facebook Film a bigger part of its overall advertising plans.