Facebook App For Feature Phones to Ensure Facebook Really Accessible By Nearly Everyone

Facebook has apps for all the major mobile platforms (except for the iPad). And, some feature phones (phones not based on a smartphone platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.) come with Facebook apps too. But, Facebook wants to be on every phone possible. They launched the 0.facebook site last year that works on nearly every phone, works over relatively low wireless data rates, and can be accessed free of data charges because of a collaboration with more than 50 mobile operators.


This year, Facebook is launching an app that an app developed with Snaptu that works on feature phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other manufacturers. The app can be used free of data charges for the first 90 days after its launch. You can find the list of participating mobile operators and the countries they operate in on Facebook’s blog item at:

A Better Mobile Experience for More People

The feature phone app is found at: