Facebook Advertising: Sierra Mist Runs a Holiday Virtual Gifts Campaign

Need to send gifts or cards and looking for a quick, economical way to show friends and family that you’re thinking about them?  Just in time for the holidays, Sierra Mist has come up with a viral marketing campaign for Facebook.  It includes home page promotion of Sierra Mist’s virtual gifts and promotion of their branded page.

The branded page includes polls and humorous videos about re-gifting, but most important is the virtual gift feature.  Find a silly gift that you like, for example nose hair clippers, and pass them along to your friends.  If they don’t like their gift, the Sierra Mist page offers an easy solution: pass them along or choose a new gift to send!

This is a simple, yet interesting campaign that integrates themed, virtual gifting with Facebook’s social utility;  the product is an engaging function that reminds users of a brand (Sierra Mist) while they stay in touch with their Facebook friends using Facebook gifts —  a feature that is is already familiar to them.

Check it out and register yourself to win a $500 gift card from Sierra Mist here.