Facebook Ads Aim to Help Mobile App Marketers

Designed to combat dreaded churn rates

Mobile marketers spend plenty of resources getting consumers to download their apps, but—with the exception of extremely popular go-to utility apps such as Google Maps or Twitter—smartphone users tend to discontinue using those services and delete them. 

Facebook today is unveiling an ads targeting feature that's designed to bring those eyeballs back to companies' apps.

As an enhancement to its mobile app install product, the ads zero in on people who have already downloaded a brand's app through Facebook's custom audience abilities while suggesting with calls to action that they come back to utilize certain aspects. Per the Palo Alto, Calif.-based tech giant, suggested copy to achieve app revisits includes "Play Game," "Book Now," "Listen Now" and "Watch Video." (Facebook mobile app install ads are sometimes popular with gaming, hospitality, retail and music marketers.)

"These calls to action can be deep-linked to specific areas within the app itself, such as content, or a sale or promotion," said a Facebook rep via email.

Lastly, on the technical side, when viewers click on an ad, the users' device signals whether the app is installed, and if so, points the user to the app. If not, the user gets directed to the app store, where the branded app can be installed.