Facebook tests ‘suggested guests’ for events

Some Facebook users now see a “suggested guests” module on events they plan to attend.

Suggested guests are listed on the right side of the event page along with an invite button. Facebook seems to serve suggestions based on interests relevant to the event and mutual friends attending. This test feature could increase awareness and attendees for public events.

For instance, an event page for a concert might suggest friends who listen to the artist on Spotify and could lead people to decide to go together. This is more likely to occur if users can see why a person is listed as a suggested guest. Currently the module displays friends without any context.

This is another of several recent improvements to the events product. About two months ago, the social network introduced “Suggested Events” to give users recommendations about events based on Open Graph activity, pages they Like and events that friends are attending. In November 2011, Facebook updated the event page UI. We’ve also seen Facebook testing a “Make Plans” option above News Feed.