Facebook Adds Six More Ad Providers to Platform Whitelist

After releasing an initial whitelist of companies that have formally agreed to its platform terms for advertising providers late last year, Facebook has been making more updates — adding in a wide range of large companies, established online ad networks, and newer startups. Since we last covered new additions a couple weeks ago, Facebook has added six more. They are:

Casale Media
One iota

Some of these companies have deep experience providing advertising of varying quality on the web, including adware and spyware. You may recognize Casale Media, for example, as the folks that provide unsolicited ad pop-ups that appear behind your browser, that you might not notice until you’re shutting down your computer.

Which is why, even as it adds to the list, Facebook continues to warn developers to not give ad providers a free pass just because they’re listed: “These providers are not approved by nor affiliated with Facebook and, therefore, it is your responsibility as the developer to ensure compliance with Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines even though the companies on this list have agreed to the policies as well.”

[Thanks to Tim for the tip.]