Facebook adds more prompts for users to Like pages on desktop, mobile

Facebook began testing two new ways to encourage users to Like more pages via desktop and mobile in the past few weeks. One appears after users Like a page and another after users share a link.

When users Like a page from mobile, they are now prompted with suggestions of similar pages and a link to the mobile pages browser where they can see more pages they might be interested in. We found a similar experience on desktop in January, but hadn’t seen it on mobile until recently. These features help users discover more pages in a similar category as one they just Liked and give them the option to see more personalized recommendations by clicking “See All.” Users can also access the pages browser by clicking or tapping “Like Pages” from the apps menu in the bookmarks bar on desktop or mobile.

Another recently added prompt comes after users share a link to a news site. When users post the link to Facebook via desktop, they may see a suggestion to Like the page associated with that domain. Last month users began seeing prompts in News Feed to Like pages related to the URLs their friends shared, but we hadn’t seen this happen for users who made the post until recently.

These tests are meant to help brands and publishers reach new audiences organically, and increase the number of pages that users Like, in order to provide them with more relevant News Feed content and advertising.

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