Facebook Adds More Companies to List of Approved Advertising Providers

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a list of advertising providers that it has approved for developers to use for offers, banner ads and other forms of advertising in their platform applications. The initial list was quite short, with a number of long-time providers missing — but it has been adding more.

Since we wrote about the list on Monday, Facebook has added a number of established and newer names to the list. They include:

  • APP Prizes
  • DoubleDing
  • Fox Networks
  • Httpool
  • PubMatic
  • RadiumOne
  • Rubicon Project
  • Some of the companies, like DoubleDing, have been active on the platform for a long time. Others, like News Corp.’s Fox Networks and Rubicon Project, are better known as ad networks focused on the entire web.

    Facebook requires that companies first agree to a set of terms, then it approves them an adds them to the list — and it requires that developers only choose from the list, not any others.

    We expect more names to begin showing here shortly. Some, like Google, are still missing.