Facebook Acquires Dutch Software Design Firm Sofa

Another talent-only move

In its latest talent acquisition, Facebook has bought the Amsterdam-based software design firm Sofa, which announced its sale on its blog Thursday. The company, which was founded in 2006, will join Facebook’s design team.

Sofa is responsible for popular Mac programs (like Kaleidoscope and Versions) and e-commerce products (Checkout, Enstore), and does all of its own designs, including art, icons, and interfaces, for clients like TomTom and Mozilla.

“We expected to keep working at Sofa forever. But after Facebook first made contact, we were quickly convinced to join forces,” the company wrote on its blog. “We feel challenged and at home at the same time, and can really get things done there. But equally important, we believe that at Facebook, we will be making a real difference to a lot of people’s lives.”

The acquisition is talent-only, so neither Kaleidoscope nor Versions will be a part of the acquisition, and “both apps will remain available and we’re committed to securing a great future for them outside Sofa,” the company said. Sofa founder Koen Bok said the firm’s former partner Acclivity will take over Enstore and Checkout, but that they’re still working on the details.

The Sofa team said that it would move to Palo Alto, Calif., in the coming weeks.