Ezzy is Having Trouble Vacationing

We really feel for WaPo‘s Ezra Klein this week. He’s vacationing in North Carolina’s pristine Outer Banks along with another FishbowlDC favorite, Slate‘s Dave Weigel. But Klein’s having trouble in that he’s itching to work. No live shots. No “Thank you Rachel for having me on.” A significantly diminished number of tweets. Someone else filling in for him on his blog. And a someone who doesn’t even work for WaPo? Klein confessed on Twitter on Thursday: “Concerned I’ve become the sort of person for whom not working is, after a few days, more stressful than working.”

Brad Plumer, an associate editor at The New Republic, is the someone subbing for Ezzy while he’s gone. His birth name is actually Bradford Plumer, which has an entirely different ring to it that we rather enjoy. He reports on Congress for the magazine.

Weigel, meanwhile, was also getting wigged out. He wrote on Twitter that he had rationed himself one hour of online time daily. Looks like he surpassed that. “Vacation plan of spending an hour online answering email instead of creating horrible auto-response email seems sound,” he wrote. “Back now to beach.”

Have a great weekend boys! We can hardly wait for your return.