Ezra Admits: Okay, so I do Read FishbowlDC

It’s only taken him five days, but finally WaPo‘s liberal blogger and Democratic activist Ezra Klein has emerged from his cave to declare that no, he didn’t brief those Senate Democratic Chiefs of Staff  a week ago Friday. That’s absurd.

Five days, Ezzy. You couldn’t have announced this last Friday? WaPo higher-ups hadn’t dropped the gauntlet yet and demanded that you answer, if not to us, then to your readers? In a blog post this morning, Klein responds to our report that he briefed the top-level aides on the failed Supercommittee. We stand by our reporting — our sources in Congress were clear on the matter.

Klein wrote: “For the record, no, I didn’t go and ‘brief’ Senate Democratic chiefs of staff on the finer points of the supercommittee. I did go speak with a bunch of Senate Democratic chiefs of staff. They said they occasionally invite journalists in to chat, and we agreed I would attend for a free-ranging discussion — I wasn’t delivering a presentation, much less a briefing on the supercommittee.” He then voiced the same refrain reported by Fox News’ Grapevine (in case the masses don’t understand what it means to be a reporter): “This is how I do my job. I am in continuous conversation with dozens of staffers, in dozens of offices, from both parties.” He also reported that he also spends time with GOP aides and experts — two hours with a GOP staffer on a presidential campaign!

Congratulations to Klein on, if nothing else, your exceptional timeliness and transparency.