eyeSight Gesture Control Could Make Interpreting “Hands Free” Driving Laws Interesting

Video courtesy of eyeSight100

Non-touching gesture control is not a gimmick. I was convinced of this after installing a Kinect on an Xbox 360 and previewing movie trailers while munching on a semi-messy sandwich. I was able to play, pause, and change trailers by just gesturing without risking making a physical controller messy.

eyeSight claims to be able to use VGA resolution cameras in phones (640×480 pixels) to recognize hand gestures and translate them into commands. The video demo above is simply a concept demo and not an actual one since the iPad in the demo does not have any kind of camera (VGA or otherwise). Still, this is an interesting technology and should provide no end of problems to areas that have instituted “hands free” driving laws that do not allow physical manipulation of electronic devices like cell phone, cameras, and audio players while driving.

eyeSight’s website is found at: