Explore, Share And Soon Build Beautiful Data Visualizations With Visual.ly

Infographics and interactive features are quickly becoming one of the most innovative ways to share and display datasets. Data visualizations are the perfect complement to text-heavy articles, and can make great explainers for readers hoping to learn quickly about a complicated issue or story. By translating complicated datasets into beautiful graphics, complex ideas can be communicated in a clear, easy to understand way. A new start-up is helping to aggregate these visualizations into one place, creating a one stop shop for interesting infographics.

Visual.ly lets you explore and share compelling data visualizations built by designers across the web. The site, started by Stewart Langille and Lee Sherman, originally from Mint.com’s content and marketing team, culls the best visualizations by the best designers and lays them out neatly for users to reference, share and explore. Aside from helping interested readers understand complex issues, the site also helps designers promote their own data projects. Designers can create their own profiles on Visual.ly which serve as portfolios for their work.

“We believe that infographics and data visualization is the future of media and is perfect for the age of big data,” Sherman told Forbes back in April. “For consumers, infographics provide a bite-sized approach to consuming complex information and getting to the heart of the story. For publishers, infographics can be used to tell stories, drive traffic, and promote brands.”

The Visual.ly team also collaborates with media companies to help them create their own visualizations. The site is already partnered with news organizations like GOOD and The Atlantic.

Visual.ly is working hard to construct a data visualization tool that would allow anyone to create and design their own infographics. According to the site, the team is “building a tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create professional quality designs with their own data.” In April, Forbes anticipated the tool’s roll out for sometime this summer, so data enthusiasts — keep your fingers crossed for a Visual.ly announcement sooner rather than later.