‘Experts’ Review the New Crowdsourced Lay’s Chip Flavors

Earlier this week we posted on the Lay’sDo Us a Flavor” competition, which is a pretty good example of an interactive social media/crowdsourcing promo campaign. Several publications have tasted and tested the final three flavors, so we figured we’d review their reviews and give you a hint as to which flavor will win. (We also want to satisfy the anonymous tipster who keeps sending us his or her ideas for new flavors like “Caesar Salad” and “Roast Beef and Horseradish”, both of which sound totally gross.)

The three finalists and their respective appraisals:

Chicken and Waffles

  • “That combination for a potato chip doesn’t sound all that appetizing.” — random, very wise member of the public via The Long Beach Press Telegram
  • “Awful…Tasted like burnt ice cream cones.” — The New York Post
  • “I see why Lay’s went with the more flavorful name rather than just calling these Lay’s Sage, Maple and Grease. No one would buy those, except for me.” — Kotaku
  • “Remind(s) me of a nice rosemary chicken with some kind of sweet dipping sauce.” — JunkFoodGuy
  • “…funky, almost mildew-inducing stench.” — TheImpulsiveBuy

Sounds absolutely awful! More please!

Cheesy Garlic Bread

  • “These chips don’t hold up when compared to any childhood memory.” — The Post
  • Like “…incredibly thin, cold and stale breadsticks, with a hint of potato.” — Kotaku
  • “They have enough garlic flavor that I think eating them will keep me safe from vampires.” — TheImpulsiveBuy
  • “…a hair too buttery.” — Popsugar

The safest of the bunch for sure…


  • “I’d rather grab a bag of completely non-homemade Lay’s and a bottle of my favorite sriracha and do it myself.” — Kotaku
  • “Wow, these are actually pretty spicy!” — The Post
  • “FLAVOR EXPLOSION.  If I had one criticism of this chip, it’s that it could use even MORE garlic.” — JunkFoodGuy 
  • “…perfect amount of spice and salty bite.” — Popsugar
  • “…the seasoning sticks to your fingers, so when you’re done eating, you’ll have a spicy treat after.” — TheImpulsiveBuy

Looks like Sriracha is the critics’ pick, no? It was pretty much unanimous. Also: we’re a little concerned about Junk Food Guy and his passion for carbs.

While we like the campaign, we also look forward to never trying any of these. (Except maybe the Sriracha. Who doesn’t enjoy licking spicy barbeque off their fingers?)