Experienced Job Seekers Have to Jump More Hurdles

If you’re an experienced job seeker, unfortunately you may find yourself nodding in agreement to this piece.

As pointed out by MoneyWatch, a 55 year-old real estate paralegal dished about losing out on a potential job to a younger applicant. “She said that because of my 20-plus years of experience, which put me at a much higher salary range, I was losing every job opportunity to someone fresh out of college who these firms could train while paying them half the amount.”

Despite the harsh reality, there are some things an experienced job seeker can do: Work it! Easier said than done and we’re not belittling the topic by any means but there are a few ways to put an upbeat spin to it.

Consultant and author Barry Maher advises job seekers to remain positive. He told the site, “Ideally, they should show that age and experiences make them stronger, even in those very qualities the employer associates with youth. But they should never do it defensively. They should always do it positively, if at all possible, raising the issue themselves rather than letting it lie there as an unspoken problem.”

And always highlight the extensive experience and passion you bring to the table. Tony Chartrand, vice president of human resources at Pechanga Resort and Casino, explained that prior life and work experiences are indeed valuable to potential employers.

He told MoneyWatch, “Take those life skills that you have and apply them to a position you are considering. An employer is looking for someone who can help them get something done.”

His advice? Tell them you have the talent, experience, interest and passion to help them reach their goals. He added, “We will always hire first someone who is passionate about something before someone who is ‘looking for a job,’ regardless of age or employment status. “