Expecting? There's A Setting For That On Facebook

Expecting a child? There's a setting for that on Facebook.

Congratulations! Facebook users can now share the news of an impending birth. The option to list an expected child, along with due date and name, appears within the family section of their profile.

Our sister site, Inside Facebook, was the first to break the good news when the feature was still in testing on July 27. It’s now live.

To add this, visit your own profile, scroll down and look at the “Friends and Family” section in the left-hand column; click on the pen icon that designates editing. From the drop-down menu listing different relations, you can choose “Expected: Child” among other new options such as”Niece,” “Nephew,” and “Cousin: Female” and “Cousin: Male.”

And, Facebook has fixed a glitch from the beta test that had been allowing people to designate existing friends as their expected child.

Facebook last gave the profile section an update in December, 2010, allowing users to add family members with Facebook accounts to their profile.

And in February, Facebook took relationships status options a step further by adding domestic partnerships and civil unions to the list of choices.

The new update lets users prominently feature the big news of having a baby on the way without creating a separate profile for the child. Before the new setting, parents using Facebook used ultrasound scans as profile pictures along with status updates to share the big news. But there wasn’t a consistent way to share the information without making it a prominent part of a profile.

Readers, what do you think of the expanded family designations on Facebook?