eXelate Rolls Out ‘Premier Media Partnership’ Product

Online data purveyor eXelate wants to make it easier for the average media buyer to purchase ad inventory and data concurrently.

The company, which typically sells demographic and behavioral data to demand-side platforms and ad networks, has rolled out a new product called Premier Media Partnership aimed at digital agencies—rather than the slew of specialty trading desks that have popped up at agency holding companies in recent years.

The product allows buyers to purchase both inventory and targeting data in one fell swoop, according to eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski—and with full transparency. To that end, the company has lined up a slew of participating partners, including networks such as Collective, InterClick and the exchange adBrite.  

EXelate gets its data from Web publishers, comparison shopping sites and other sources. And while agencies could execute eXelate data-driven buys in the past, “It was a very ad hoc experience,” said Zagorski. “Buying data is challenging for the ad buying community. We want to formalize this buying option and make it easier.”

Zagorski believes that Premier Media Partnership will have particular appeal to small and midsize agencies outside of big holding companies.

Other participating partners include MediaMath, Accordant Media, Adap.TV and LucidMedia.