Executive Recruiter Reveals Insider Tips for Getting Hired on LinkedIn

Want to leverage your LinkedIn profile to the fullest?

Meet Elizabeth Garzarelli, executive recruiter, licensed professional counselor and author of the new e-book, How To Get Recruited On Linkedin!

According to Garzarelli, there are countless tips and tricks of the trade from the other side to get your profile recruiter-ready. Please note the excerpt below has been posted with permission of Garzarelli.

1. If you want to get recruited, it’s essential, it is CRITICAL, to have a photo.  Why?  Because the human brain is wired to pay more attention to faces than to words.  So more recruiters will actually look at your profile if there’s a photo attached.

A second reason is because people like to do business with people they know, and having a photo of you helps a recruiter feel like they know you (even if they don’t).  Being able to see you will make them feel more connected to you and more willing to help you.

Now if you’re going to put a photo on your LinkedIn profile, make sure that it’s a GOOD photo, and here’s what’s really important:  the recruiter needs to be able to see your pupils in the photo, looking straight at them and you should be smiling.  So it should be a photo that’s a close-up of your smiling face, looking directly into the camera and nothing else.

2. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups.  And LinkedIn allows me to contact people who are in the same group as me, even if they’re not a connection.  So join 50 groups.  First join as many groups as you can that are relevant to your current career field, or the one that you want to go into.

If you run out, then start joining alumni groups, industry groups, corporate alumni groups, groups in your current geographical area or the geographical area that you want to move to.  If you still have more space for groups, join groups that are related to your hobbies or personal interests.  You can turn off the notifications if you don’t want to get messaged all day long about everything that happens in the group.  But make sure that when you join the group, you leave the box that says “Allow Group Members To Contact Me” checked.

3. Take the time to add a few personal interests to your profile.  Personal interests can even get you recruited!  An example:  my company once did a search for a non-profit that provides rock music education to kids in mostly underprivileged schools.

And they wanted to hire someone who had a graduate degree in education, but it was also a requirement that this person play guitar, bass, drums or keyboards.  So I did endless Advanced Searches on LinkedIn for people who had a M.A. or PhD in Education, combined with the keywords “rock music,” “rock band”,” “guitar”,”bass,” ”keyboards” and/or “drums.”

You just never know.  Sometimes hiring managers have secret wishes, like someone to play golf with on the weekends or someone who shares their love of fine art.  Sometimes it’s the little things, the seemingly irrelevant things, that will get you recruited.