Excedrin Won the Debate on Twitter Before It Even Started by Curing Your #DebateHeadache

Generated a 3,100% lift in chatter

It all started with what seemed like another forgettable promoted trend ad on Twitter on Wednesday morning. Excedrin, the pain reliever, was trying to poke a little fun at how agonized and obsessed the American public has become with the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as the GOP and Democratic nominees were set to do some verbal jousting once more in their third and final debate later on in the day. 

But, with potential voters seemingly hungover from the first two debates, the ad worked better than a hair-of-the-dog Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning. Marketers for the GlaxoSmithKline-owned product went on to share six #DebateHeadache tweets.

The first #DebateHeadache tweet appeared at 3 a.m., when the promoted trend went live, and the momentum grew throughout the day. In addition to the promoted trend, which reportedly costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, Excedrin amplified the effort with a scattering of promoted tweets. 

Excedrin benefited from 46,000 Twitter mentions on Wednesday, according to Talkwalker, representing a 3,100 percent increase compared to the prior day. The mentions also constituted a 360 percent jump when comparing the first three days of this week and Monday through Wednesay last week, per the social media analytics player.

Another social data company, 4C Insights, said #DebateHeadache mentions spiked 602 percent during the debate compared to the prior hour. 

The copywriting appeared to improve throughout the day. Here are Excedrin's other #DebateHeadache tweets:

Lastly, most of the reactions to the brand's newsjacking seemed to be positive. Here are a few notable Twitter users who tipped their hat to Excedrin:

UPDATE: This story originally suggested that Excedrin did not buy the promoted trend. 

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