Examiner.com Lays Off Senior Staff Members

Nothing like a send off to a weekend with depressing news, right? No worries there, next week we’ll deliver some upbeat posts but as for now, onto some lay offs.

According to the Westword newspaper in Denver, Examiner restructured its team. And by that we mean members of senior staff were impacted. Justin Jiminez, senior director of public relations, told the paper, “We did go through a restructuring this morning.”

Looking at it as a “positive evolution,” he added, “Our team here has been absolutely phenomenal in exploring efficiencies, exploring better ways to operationalize. And unfortunately, that does result in occasional downsizing.”

Considering it’s a privately held company, Jiminez pointed out the number of people impacted by the restructuring isn’t for public consumption but mentioned they “did say goodbye to some of the people on our senior staff.”