Ex-Politico Employee: ‘The Nightmare is Over’

A former Politico reporter related all too well to Karin Tanabe’s newly published work of fiction, The List, in which she offers a veiled glimpse of her former workplace and coworkers. Although the book’s description is fairly tame, doesn’t name names or come close to kicking the high octane news outlet in the teeth quite like the recent stories from ex-Politico Michael Calderone, now at HuffPost, at least one former employee publicly resonated with her account.

The quote below comes from Stephanie Christensen, a media coordinator, who left Politico in July of 2011. See the lovely Playbook farewell from Mike Allen after the jump.

FAREWELL TO STEFANIE CHRISTENSEN, a tireless POLITICO media coordinator: “Starting in August, I’ll be a student in Auburn University’s agricultural economics department working on a master’s in rural sociology. … I realize that Alabama isn’t a hot spot on the campaign trail, but if you ever find yourself there please do let me know. … It’s where my heart is, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be heading home.”