Tanabe’s Second Book: ‘Lots More Sex!’

Karin Tanabe, formerly a reporter at Politico CLICK, just had her first novel, The List, published in February and she’s already churning out another.

Publisher’s Marketplace, a forum for publishers and authors to promote their work, just posted a synopsis for the forthcoming book titled Lot 24. It reads:

… Tanabe’s Lot 24 [is] about a hot young antique furniture specialist at Christie’s in NYC who discovers a mysterious piece of Middle Eastern pottery that sends her career and her love life into a tailspin…

Tanabe told FishbowlDC that the release date for the book is currently summer 2014. Even though the book, unlike her first one, isn’t about politics and journalism, she said it isn’t “devoid” of either. “It’s hard to totally leave what you know,” she said.

Also unlike her debut novel, which was loosely based on her former colleagues at Politico, Lot 24 will be steamier. “There’s also lots more sex!” Tanabe said. “Because art is just sexier than journalism. Say what you will about Politico, but the place isn’t exactly buzzing with sexual tension.”

Tanabe’s inspiration this time around was her passion for “competitive industries.” She explained, “I wanted to look at the auction industry, especially the duopoly of [auction companies] Christie’s and Sotheby’s.”

Uh, are duopolies sexy?