Everybody Soaked by JournoList Leaks Du Jour

At this point in the (for some reason) still-ongoing JournoList debacle, nearly all parties involved should probably be more than a little embarrassed. (We leave it open for debate whether everyone should have been embarrassed from the very beginning.)
Ginned-up intrigue behind leaks from the now-defunct liberal listserv continues unabated, but today the email list isn’t just providing fodder for news outlets that have previously turned leaks from the off-the-record email chain into a treasure trove of damaging, big-splash scoops. The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein reports that the Daily Caller has failed to disclose that one of its staffers had been a member of JournoList:

Gautham Nagesh, a reporter now with The Hill, was an active participant in Journolist discussions while with his previous employer, the Daily Caller. I know because I was also a member of Journolist. Ezra Klein, the founder of the list, and Nagesh himself confirmed his participation.


“I joined Journolist after [it was exposed in a Politico article] hoping to get an inside view of the left wing media conspiracy,” he told the Huffington Post. “And unfortunately all I found was a wonkish listserv of like-minded people discussing topics that interested them. I found it extremely useful for putting me in contact with sources and exposing me to a side of the blogosphere I wasn’t well connected with.”

FishbowlDC initially reported intemperate JournaList remarks from then-Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel that eventually led to his resignation. The Daily Caller soon followed with its own set of Weigel comments.

In a series of stories following that scoop, the Caller has continued to reveal various discussions among JournoList members through stories like “Liberal Journalists Suggest Government Shut Down Fox News” and “Documents Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories About Rev. Jeremiah Wright.”
Not everyone is as outraged by the most recent leaks as those headlines might suggest. Meanwhile, Wired reporter Spencer Ackerman has apparently survived his own would-be JournoList scandal.
We’ve reached out to Daily Caller reporter Jonathan Strong, who’s been covering JournoList beat since l’Affaire Weigel. We’ll update if he gets back to us.