Evernote for Windows Phone Update: More Social & Gains Ability to Pin Notes to Start Screen

Evernote is one of the most useful services around. I use it everyday on a variety of devices using both its web interface as well as native clients which are available for a number of desktop and mobile devices. Evernote just updated its Windows Phone app to take advantage of that platforms unique features.

Evernote for Windows Phone Update: Note Pinning, Templates, New Language Support, and More

One of the unique-to-Windows Phone features is the ability to pin an Evernote note to the start screen. This can be, for example, a to-do list. However, pinned notes are not limited to text. These pinned notes can also be audio notes or snapshot (image) notes. Entire notebooks within an Evernote account can be pinned to the start screen too.

Another new feature for the updated Evernote for Windows Phone app is the ability to create “Template notes” with pre-filled information or even with a workflow that initiates, for example, taking a photo for each new note.

Finally, Evernote notes can now be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live.

If you do not see the update available for your Windows Phone, just be patient. It can take up to several days for updates to propogate.