Evernote App for Palm Pre Available

Screenshot courtesy of Matthew Miller

Matt Miller noted over on ZDNet that…

Evernote for Palm Pre now available

Evernote has become part of my daily toolbox. I have Evernote apps installed on Windows PCs, Macs, Windows Mobile smartphones and my iPhone. And, if I’m on a Linux workstation, I just fire up Evernote in a browser. I use it store text notes, photographs (it has the amazing ability to search for text in photos) and documents on it everyday. I would, quite frankly, be lost without it.

Matt found that Evernote has a free app for the Palm Pre available in the Palm App Catalog less than a week after the Pre was released.

I wonder, though, if Evernote will release an app for Android. They made their mobile web page Android friendly back in March. But, I do not believe they have released an app for Android yet.