Etsy’s Brooklyn HQ Is Everything You’d Expect From the DIY Giant

Surely no one among us expected the office of the startup responsible for proliferating the DIY movement to be anything less than completely quirky and cozy. But it's much more than we expected. Imagine if your funky aunt who lives in Portland, Ore., and makes her own kombucha designed an office in Brooklyn. Located in a Dumbo loft space—a few floors away from previous Spaces alumnus Spike Lee—Etsy's headquarters is thoughtfully crafted, merging creativity, functionality and sustainability. "Etsy's mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world," said company spokeswoman Ariana Anthony. "We believe that business interests and social and environmental responsibility are interwoven and that the power of business should be used to strengthen communities and empower people."


Chill Room

This lounge area is cheekily dubbed Wu Tang Clams. During the day, employees needing a scenery change work here. After work, it becomes a crafting and movie room. 


Home-Grown Crafts

Mr. Grit, the large owl, was made by artist Conrad Carlson, and the smaller owl, Mrs. Grit, is a Halloween costume made by Etsy staffer Julie Schneider


Through the Looking Glass

The mosaic mirror and stacks of books keep visitors entertained in the lobby. 


Phoning It In

The doors lead to phone rooms—one has oversized plush office supples; the middle one is superhero-minded, complete with a cape; and the last one opens to a London-style phone booth. 


Super Sized

Behind door No. 1 you’ll find the oversized plush toys that provide distraction in case the call gets boring. 


Eating in Style

Picnic tables function as workspaces, meeting spaces and, predictably, dining spaces.



Did anyone expect this office to be without a crafting station? Etsy Labs hosts craft nights and a speaker series. 


Meme Fun

An homage to the famous meme that appears on the site’s 404 error message


Power Lunchin’

Twice a week, the company hosts “Eatsy” for its staff. The spread? “A healthy, catered, family-style meal,” said Anthony.