Esquire‘s Granger: ScarJo, Sienna ‘Would Offer Distinct Delights and Complications’


ellies_hardware.jpgLeading up to next week’s National Magazine Awards, is publishing a special package of our popular “So What Do You Do?” series with daily interviews of selected nominees, ranging from the well-known to obscure. Today we chat with Esquire editor David Granger:

Who’d you rather, ScarJo or Sienna Miller? Also, how has the “Women We Love” franchise grown for the magazine?

That’s an impossible choice and one that’s entirely irrelevant to the possibilities inherent in my life. I can imagine, though, that each would offer distinct delights and complications. As for “Women We Love,” we just have fun with it. A couple years ago, we started doing this long, slow, six-month reveal of who we would be naming the sexiest woman alive in our November issue. It’s been funny and well-received. Against all expectations, men continue to be interested in women, and we try to offer some insight in various places in the magazine in amusing ways.

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