Esquire‘s 75th Anniversary Issue in Commissioned Art

“The Immaculate Threads” by Dominic Wilcox

One of the best parts of Esquire‘s 75th anniversary issue (better than the silly E Ink cover, we’d argue) is that the magazine commissioned artists around the globe to create specific works to accompany many of the articles. From an amusing take on Steve Jobs’ wardrobe (above) to portraits of global icons LeBron James and Rupert Murdoch, the creations are an inspired lot.

It’s certainly a unique idea — albeit probably remarkably expensive — so we thought it warranted some coverage on its own. The rest of the images are after the jump.

(We emailed the magazine to find out what the genesis of the concept but we haven’t heard back.)

Esquire‘s Portrait of the 21st Century” by Lincoln Schatz. (Stills from the video installation)

“The 21st Century Will Take Place Inside Of Us” by Mark Bradford

“Portrait Of Rupert Murdoch” by Yan Pei-Ming

“LeBron” by Xavier Veilhan

“Vladimir Putin” by Vik Muniz

“The New Actuality by Richard Phillips

“Paul Thomas Anderson” by Candice Breitz

“Regroup (The Google Diaspora) by R. Justin Stewart