Esquire Helps Drown the Holiday Sorrows

hdr_drinkdb_sm.jpgAh, the holidays season. That great time of year where we sit around, open presents, and whine about our families. But Esquire‘s here to help with it’s new Drinks Database, featuring 203 of the world’s best cocktails picked by the mag’s drink editor, David Wondrich. editor Eric Gillin, who calls the database “awesome,” says its an update of the mag’s 1949 book, Handbook for Hosts. Drinks are searchable by name or type of liquor, or you can check boxes of ingredients you have leftover from the Halloween party and the database will tell you what to make. Think with the discriminating eye of an Esquire man.

Wondrich wrote directions and histories for the drinks, so bone up on your Mint Julep knowledge to impress the Kentucky Derby crowd:

In the dark backward of time, the Proper Construction of the Julep, like the Beauty of My State’s Women and the Timing of Pickett’s Charge, was one of those topics that an American male with social aspirations was expected to regard as a matter of honor — at least, if said specimen was a son, nephew, cousin or acquaintance of the South. Just about every state in Dixie had its own sacrosanct way of handling the mint, the sugar, the ice, the booze. Duels were fought. Names were called.

Now that’s some quality reading. If we could only get rid of the in-laws.