‘Esquire,’ ‘Entrepreneur’ Strike Unique Deal

Men's monthly contributing column to other magazine

Esquire may have a bit to learn about Twitter etiquette, but it’s on firmer ground when it comes to bars and business manners. So after Entrepreneur collaborated with Esquire’s Ross McCammon last year on an article about top business bars, Entrepreneur editor Amy Cosper decided she wanted to make Esquire a regular part of her magazine.

“Ross got such a good reaction that Amy said would it be OK if we ran a column, and it was great,” Esquire editor David Granger said. “We have certain areas of expertise, and it’s great if we can share them with another audience.”

The result was “Ask the Esquire Guy,” which made its debut in August. The first installment tackles the subject of how to enter a room. (Fist-bumps are a no-no, don’t deal out business cards like blackjack cards.) The next column will cover the rules of business casual.

"It is supposed to be gender-neutral, but we're going to have to do a little coaching," Cosper said, pointing out that Entrepreneur's audience is one-third female.

It's unusual enough for one magazine to run a column in another, especially when they're not owned by the same parent company, but the collaboration won’t stop there. The magazines will share their subscriber list and will soon start making joint subscription offers, according to Granger. “I said, let’s see if we can go further and benefit each other. Everyone wants to expand their audience.”