ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue Features Eight Covers, Countless Butts

ESPN The Magazine’s annual “Body Issue” is here, and like always, there’s a lot of butts to be seen. The magazine published eight different covers this year, up from six last year. Inside there’s even an article titled “You can only hope to contain them,” which is about how boobs interfere with playing sports. Seriously.

The issue’s “Bodies We Want” feature, which is what everyone cares about, comes packed with photos of naked athletes doing hilarious things, like this:

That’s the Florida Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton, getting blasted with some cleverly placed water. That’s also ridiculous. No way he kept a straight face while doing that.

Did we mention that there are butts in the Body Issue? Who doesn’t like butts? Here’s Courtney Force’s:

Raise your hand if you remember seeing Courtney on Driving Force, an awful reality TV show that aired on A&E in 2006. Okay, good. Now think about your choices in life.

Anyway, ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue will hit newsstands this Friday, July 12. It’ll be the one with butts on it.

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