ESPN still in Bonds market

The New York Times today offers fresh insight into the journalistic hell that ESPN’s SportsCenter has emplaced itself.

Essentially, poor saps at SportsCenter have dangled the ultimate carrot in front of themselves, but can never take a bite out of it:
Last week in San Francisco’s Chronicle got the scoop that a federal grand jury is investigating Bonds for perjury over his 2003 testimony about steroids useage.

One of the headaches for the Bonds on Bonds producers?

“It’s very difficult for Barry to talk about the steroid allegations because legally he was told that he cannot say much,” said Joan Lynch, exec producer of ESPN Original Entertainment “But in Episode 3, there is a moment when he’s asked about the grand jury perjury investigation and he responds in a way that takes you aback.” She added, “It’s not particularly newsworthy, but you say, ‘That’s what I wanted to know from him.’ “

Well, as the Times points out, “Says you!”

The third episode of “Bonds on Bonds” airs tonight.

Set your TiVos.